Spoiler warning: As you can probably guess, this article features heavy spoilers for chapter 4 of Little Nightmares II.

Collectables in this chapter:

Hats: 2

Glitches: 4

Enemies: Viewers, The Thin Man


After exiting the elevator at the end of chapter three, you’ll immediately come across an open door. Walk through it and you’ll end up in a waiting room. At the very end of the waiting room is an open door that leads to a smaller room with a partially open window.

Climb up to it, open the window and jump down to the streets below. To your left you should see an open manhole, climb down the ladder and you’ll come across your first glitch. 

Pick it up and climb back up the ladder. Head back down the street and follow it until you reach a small set of steps leading into a house just after you pass a bench with some clothes on it.

Once you’re inside, you’ll come across some more stairs. Climb them as far as you’re able, then walk through the door in front of you. As you enter the room, you’ll be introduced to the viewers – hostile, zombie-like citizens who can’t be without their TVs. He’ll drop down from the ceiling, but don’t worry. He’s not going to attack you. Instead he runs off without even noticing you and you’ll see him again in the next room with his head through a TV. 

Climb up onto the TV and use it to jump to the window ledge in front of you. Drop down to the roof below and you’ll see a ladder on the next roof. Climb onto the roof and then up the ladder. Once you reach the top, you can jump across to the opposite roof.

Climb through the open window and you’ll find yourself in another house. There’s a viewer just ahead of you but he’s staring at a door so he’ll only notice you if you walk right into him making him easy to sneak past.

As you round the corner, you’ll see another viewer. This one is staring at a TV. Walk towards her and you’ll see the bottom half of the door to your right is broken so you can slip through.

Pass through the next room and you’ll come to a closed door. Six will give you a boost so you can open the door and head into the bathroom. Inside is another viewer who is watching TV in the bath and a vent beside the toilet. Crawl through the vent and you’ll enter a small room with a broken wall. Go through this break in the wall and you’ll find yourself at an elevator shaft.

Jump down onto the top of the elevator and across to the ledge with a door on it. From there, jump inside the elevator and pull the switch.

If you allow it to get to the top, you’ll find that the gate is locked and you can’t proceed, so you’re going to have to jump out before that. From the hole in the wall you entered through earlier, you probably saw some wooden planks on the opposite wall which could be used as a ladder. This is the ledge you need to jump to as the elevator passes it.

Climb up the wooden boards and into a small crawl space with some more climbable boards. Climb up them as far as you can and then jump to the other side which will allow you to climb to the top. Drop down onto the other side and you’ll see you’re now on the floor the elevator stopped at. Six is still inside, so you need to find the key to let her out. 

Pass the elevator and you’ll come to a small office. The key is inside the bottom drawer of the desk so open it and pick up the key.

Take it back to the elevator and unlock it. First pull the lever inside the elevator and run out before the doors shut. This will send the elevator back down.

There’s a lever beside the elevator which Six will, now that she’s free, boost you up to. Pulling it will call the elevator back up, so when it gets close, jump onto the top of the elevator and it will take you to the level above.

On your left is a box which is blocking a vent. Move it aside and crawl through and you’ll find that inside a small room with a mattress is your second glitch.

Go back the way you came and on the opposite wall, you’ll see a hole in the wall which you can climb through. You’ll end up on a rooftop with the TV tower visible in the distance.

Jump across to the next rooftop and you’ll see a wooden porch-like structure which you can climb up to get to the roof above.

Before you do that, go inside it and crawl up the boxes leading to an open window. Drop down into a small building full of cages and you’ll find your third glitch.

Pick it up, head back outside and climb up to the roof above. Once you’re on the rooftop, you’ll see a coat-hanger zipline that will take you across to the balcony opposite you and a lever on top of a block of concrete that can control it.

Jump up to it and turn the lever to send Six across. She’ll then extend her hand to catch you so you can run and jump across to the platform.

Climb the ladder up to the next level and you’ll see another ladder which is just out of reach. Six will boost you up so you can grab it and pull it down so you can both climb up. On the next level there’s some guttering that you can climb.

Follow the guttering up and from here, you can climb through an open window. Now inside another house, make your way to the back of the room and climb up and over the planks of wood in front of you. Drop down into the next room and you’ll see the building begin to shake as the roof starts to cave in.

Run to the end of the room and push the door down before it crushes you and keep running until the floor collapses beneath you. You’ll fall to the floor below and Mono will find himself pinned by a small piece of wood which he easily pushes aside. Your torch, which is now broken, and Six who is trapped under some floorboards and a couch aren’t as lucky.

Grab her hand and pull her out. Move forward and you’ll come to a closed door. After Six boosts you up to open it you end up in a corridor with two open doors. The first leads to a bedroom and the second, a living room with another static TV.

Touch the TV like normal, unscramble the frequency and run to the end of the mysterious hallway. This time you can open the door, revealing The Thin Man sitting inside.

You’ll be thrown out again, but this time, The Thin Man claws his way out of the TV too. If he gets too close, he’ll grab you so run to the bedroom I mentioned earlier and hide under the bed.

Six, who was hiding under the table will be caught so you’re now on your own. Head back to the living room and approach the TV again. This time, instead of the mysterious hallway, you’ll be sucked in and dropped into a room with a mattress. As you’ve probably guessed, from this point onwards, the static TVs will act as portals of sorts. You go through one and come out through another so they’ll help you get around the city. From the room you’re in, climb up onto the cabinet, up the bookcase and onto the armchair.

Climb up onto the floor above and you’ll see another TV. Go through it and you’ll end up on a ledge with a door leading back into the house. You’ll see that the TV you exited through is attached to a pulley system. You’re going to have to open the door so you can get back to the TV inside. You don’t have Six to boost you anymore, but the rubble in front of the door can be used as a ramp to help you reach the handle. Grab it and the door will fall so you can go back inside.

Now you need to turn the handle of the pulley system so the TV moves to hover above the opposite rooftop. Go back to the TV inside the house and enter it again. You’ll exit through the same TV as before, but now it has moved, this you’ll drop down onto the opposite roof. Now you can climb up the ladder in front of you and into the next building.

There’s a hole in the side of the building so jump down to the roof below and then cross the wooden plank. From here, you can across to the pipe system in front of you.

Follow it around and you’ll be able to jump to a hook and swing across to the next pipe. Follow it along and you’ll come to a narrow ledge which you need to walk along to reach another plank, taking a detour onto the roof when your path is blocked. After crossing the plank you’ll come to an open window. Climb inside and you’ll see a TV on the opposite side of the room, but the floor has collapsed so you can’t reach it.

Instead climb down the ladder and you’ll see another TV. This one isn’t on, but on the ground in front of you is a TV remote. Pick it up and turn the TV on so you can warp through to the one above.

Once you’re back on the floor above, go through the door and drop down onto the boxes below you. Approach the end of the concrete and drop down to the floor below.

There’s a vent in front of you and another behind, though this one is more hidden. Climb up the ramp of letters and crawl through the vent behind you to find your first hat of the chapter.

Once you’ve picked that up, you can head back out and take the other vent. Follow it through and you’ll find yourself in a room with a TV and a trolley that you can move. The floor above you has caved in, so you’ll need to pull the trolley and position it in the middle of the floor and turn the TV on.

Go through and you’ll end up back at the start of the mailroom. This time, instead of dropping down, jump across to the light and swing across to the other side. Head through the doorway and jump up onto a chair and over the reception desk and you’ll find yourself in the same room as the trolley you moved before, but on the floor above.

Jump across to the other side using the trolley and at the end of the room is another coat hanger zipwire. Take it down to the building across the street.

Before moving forward, climb back out of the window, cross the roof and climb through the other open window. Inside this room is the final glitch of both the chapter and the game.

Pick it up and if you’ve been collecting all the glitches as you go along, you should get two achievements – one for collecting all the glitches in the chapter and one for collecting all the glitches in the game .There’s also the ‘unladylike’ achievement available for smashing the figurine beside the glitch. Head back to the other room and push open the door. Inside is a viewer with her eyes glued to the TV.

Ignore her for now and head into the kitchen. There’s a small balcony leading out from the kitchen and if you stand there, you can see another TV hanging outside the window.

Turn it on and then head back to the living room to turn the one the viewer is watching off. She’ll rush to the kitchen to watch through the window. Turn the TV in the living room back on and jump through it. You’ll exit through the hanging TV and can now cross the wooden plank to the opposite roof. Climb the ladder, cross another plank and then climb to the next level.

There’s another viewer and you’re going to have to deal with them in the same you did with the last one since you need to go through the TV. Stand at the edge and turn on the TV on the opposite roof. You can then turn the one the viewer is watching off but make sure you keep your distance. He’ll fall off the roof in an attempt to get to the other TV but this is good for you as you can now turn the TV on your side back on and warp through.

Head through the bathroom and drop down to the roof below. Cross it and you’ll come to another coat hanger zipwire. Take the zipwire to the roof below.

Proceed onwards, passing the sight of viewers jumping to their death in front of the TV tower and drop down through a hole in the ground onto an arm chair.

You’ll see a TV and an open window. Go through the open window first and you’ll see another TV. This one is perched on the ledge. Push it off so it’s now hanging beside the window of the opposite building.

Head back inside, turn the TV on and jump through it. You’ll exit the TV on and land on the windowsill. Climb through and you’ll find yourself in a watery hallway. To your left is a lever which will electrify the floor.  Head to the end of the hall and you’ll see the door is boarded up. Pull the bottom two boards away and the viewer on the other side will do the rest of the work. He’ll chase you, so run to the lever and pull it. The viewer will then be electrocuted.

Pull the lever again and the hallway will be safe to walk across again so you can proceed into the next room. Inside is a TV, a broken lever and a garbage shoot.

Turn on the TV and head to the garbage shoot. Climb inside and jump on the trash until you go down. You’ll land on a pile of trash and rubble, so climb down and walk through the doorway.

You’ll see an elevator with a TV inside it. Turn it on then drag the parcel on the floor over to the switch outside the elevator, climb up and pull it. This will open the elevator doors enough for Mono to slip through. Jump on the TV to reach the switch inside which will cause the elevator to go up. It will go up two floors, but you only want to go up one. Ride the elevator to the top and then pull the switch to go back down. As soon as you’ve pulled the switch, jump through the TV and you’ll come out through the other one.

You can then jump down onto the top of the elevator and jump to the floor you want. Proceed to the end of the room and you’ll see a box. Move this aside to reveal a vent and crawl through into an electrified bathroom.

Climb onto the toilet and jump to the dry patch of bathroom flooring. Head into the other room and turn the TV off so the viewer chases you into the bathroom and jump back onto the toilet (you’ll need a running jump to make it).

She’ll be electrocuted and in the process, the power will go out so it’s safe to jump down. Go back into the next room, pull the stool over to the TV and use it to reach the handle. Open the door and drop down to the streets below.

You’ll pass a crowd of viewers on your way to the window across from you but just ignore them and climb through. The next building is some sort of shop. Head to the far side of the room, ignoring the ramp for now and grab the shopping trolley. Wheel it over towards the window you entered through and use it to climb up onto the shelves.

Against the wall, on top of some packages is your last hat of the chapter. Pick it up and jump back down. Now you’re going to want to push the trolley down the ramp. Now you’re at the ramp, you’ll notice that the floor is flooded and electrified. Climb up on the shelves and use the tray to jump across to the trolley.

From there, jump across to the desk opposite. Head through the open door and use the work bench to jump across to the top of the bookcase.

Jump across to the vent and climb through. Above the shelf you end up on, there’s a switch. Pull it and it will turn off all the electricity in the room so the floor is safe to walk across.

Jump back down and move the trolley to the other side of the room and position it between the shelves you used to jump across to the other section of the room and the cabinet with the TV on.

The TV is useless with the electricity off so you’re going to have to turn it back on to proceed. Because of this, it’s worth taking a couple of practice runs to make sure you’re comfortable with the jump between the shelves and the trolley and the trolley and the cabinet. Once you are, go back and turn the electricity on. This time, instead of dropping down, climb over the packages by the switch and drop down to the upper floor.

Climb up onto the shelves and make the jump for real this time and hop through the TV. When you exit from the other TV, climb up onto it and jump through the window. Drop down to the roof below and then the ground and you’ll be back in the street with more viewers.

There’s a TV shop in front of you and when you get close, one of the TVs inside can be turned on. Turn it on before turning off the one that the viewers are watching. They’ll move away so you can turn it back on and jump through it.  You’ll exit through the TV in the shop but it will break angering the viewers.

They’ll break down the door to the shop so run from them and climb over the shelves blocking your way. Drop down into the next room and they’ll follow so keep running.

You’ll come to some TVs. Run past them and keep going, because the swarm of viewers will knock them over and you don’t want to be crushed. At the end of the shop is a TV which you can jump through to escape them.

You’ll exit in another building and the TV will break, but you don’t want to go back there anyway. Proceed onwards and climb up the planks at the end of the room and into the next room.

There’s another TV in this room, but as you get close, you’ll see a shadowy version of Six pounding on the glass from the inside.

Try to pull her out and The Thin Man will pull her back in before coming after you again. His arrival will cause a hatchet to fall down so use this to break down the door and flee.

Climb up the boards in front of you and drop down into a crawlspace with more boards to climb. Climb them until you reach the entrance to another crawl space.

There are a few holes in the floorboards above you so be careful to stay back when The Thin Man is peering through them so he doesn’t see you. Follow the crawl space through and drop down. Climb through a hole in the wall and you’ll drop down into a corridor. Beside you is a stool.

Push it over to the window because as soon as you drop down, the Thin Man will appear at the end of the hall and approach. Pull away the board on the window and climb through. You’ll slide down some rooftops and end up on a derailed train.

Make your way through the cart and jump to the next. It’s at this point the Thin Man will start chasing you again. He moves relatively slowly, but he can teleport to close the distance so you don’t want to hang about.

Make your way to the end of the cart and jump to the next. The third and fourth carts will have more obstacles to contend with and you’re going to have to climb some boxes and jump from a ramp to grab the handle which will open the door in front of you.

When you reach the fifth cart, there will be a lever you can use to detach the cart from the others and make your escape.

Mono will be injured during the escape and the remote will be broken. As you move forward you’ll see a glitchy version of Six.

Follow her and you’ll reach a long ladder. Climb it and you’ll find yourself in a momentarily deserted street with the TV station tower much closer.

The Thin Man will appear before you and Mono will remove his mask. It’s time for a showdown using whatever static-y powers it is that Mono possesses. The Thin Man will extend a hand to you and you combat this by pointing your joystick in the same direction. Do this until he disappears and then turn your attention to your surroundings.

You’ll find that in the same way you dealt with The Thin Man, you can manipulate your surroundings. Push your joystick forward and your surroundings will begin to shake. Eventually you’ll be thrown forward to the entrance of the TV tower.

Head inside the glowing pink/purple door and you’ve made it to the end of chapter 4 of Little Nightmares II.

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