Spoiler warning: As you can probably guess, this article features heavy spoilers for chapter 2 of Little Nightmares II. 

Collectables in this chapter:

Hats: 2

Glitches: 6

Enemies: Bullies, The Teacher


After washing up ashore and entering the only door available, you’ll find yourself in a decrepit building with the remains of a person with their head through a tv hanging above you. This marks the beginning of Chapter two.

Walk forward a little and you’ll see a hole in the wall. Climb through to the deserted street outside. Directly across from you is what looks like an old bar or diner with an open window.

Walk through and you’ll see a wooden door with a splintered hole in it that’s big enough for Mono and Six to fit through. You’ll then enter a room with some broken televisions and a window too high for you to climb through by yourself. Approach it and Six will offer you a boost. She won’t be able to get through so you’re going to have to help her from the other side.

Once you’re through, you’ll see another broken tv – this one attached to some sort of rope mechanism. Jump up, grab the rope and swing yourself repeatedly at the tv.

After a few swings, the tv will fall and propel you upwards. From here you can swing and land on the floor in front of you.

Walk through two doorways and you’ll end up on a ledge with another tv on it. This one is connected to one below which Six is now standing on. Push this tv off and it will cause the other to rise allowing Six to reach the area above you.

Go back through the doors and you’ll see that a broken section of stairs is separating the two of you. Six will extend her hand to you so you’re going to want to run, jump and grab onto her hand so she can pull you up.

Climb up the remaining stairs and walk through two more doorways with a door acting as a bridge between them. This is where Six landed when you pushed the tv earlier but it’s worth revisiting as it is where you’ll find the chapter’s first glitch.

Collect it and return to the previous landing. This time you’re going to want to cross the beam. It’s broken in the middle, so you’re going to have to jump.

You’ll reach a partially boarded-up door which Mono and Six can easily walk through into a room with what remains of a hanged man. The door leading out of this room is splintered and broken so you can squeeze through.

Now you’re in a room with a tv. This one isn’t broken but it is giving off a lot of static. Approach the tv and Mono will touch his hands to the screen.

On the screen is what looks like a warbled corridor and you’ll need to use the joystick to tune the transmission. When you’ve got it right, the image will get closer until you’re drawn in.

Start running towards the end of the corridor and you’ll see a door with an eye carved into it. As you get close, you’re thrown out of the transmission and the tv goes dead. Climb out the window and drop down into the dumpster below.

Across from you is another dumpster which with Six’s help can be moved out of the way to reveal a hole in the wire fence.

Crawl through and you’ll find yourself in the playground outside of a school. In the far corner of the playground you’ll find your second glitch next to a broken bike.

Pick it up and then proceed towards towards the main entrance of the building. You can’t enter it this way but if you climb the stairs and up onto the dumpster and you’ll find the first hat of the chapter.

Pick it up and then drop down beside a goal post and you’ll be able to see a long rope made from what looks like sheets.

Climb this rope and enter the school through the window. From where you land, keep going forward until you reach a switch. Pull it and you’ll see that light is shining through one of the pictures suggesting something is behind it. There are numerous objects lying around the immediate area.

Pick one up and throw it at the painting so it falls down to reveal a hole. Climb up and through it and you’ll drop down into a small room with a singular chair inside along with a number of tools.

If you walk around you’ll see that flooring is loose in the middle of the room – a trap door. Once you find it, jump up and down on it until it opens and you fall into a crawl space under the floor.

Follow the path until you face a drop. Jump down to the next piece of flooring and from there, onto the ground. You’ll see a vent. Open it, crawl through and you’ll drop down into a corridor with some lockers.

Climb over the overturned locker and you’ll get your first glimpse at the school’s teacher though at this point you’re only seeing her shadow. Keep going forward until you pass a hanging bucket. The next corridor is also full of lockers but you need to proceed with caution. A few steps in front of you is a ball and just before that, a floorboard that looks a little looser than others.

Jump over it to avoid setting off the trap that sends a swinging bucket your way and keep going until you reach a fallen light. Crouch under it and approach some more overturned lockers. You’ll get a glimpse of a small figure before it dashes away. Crawl under a gap in the lockers and you’ll see an open door leading to another corridor.

The next corridor is lined with more lockers and you can make out another trapped floorboard about three boards past the overturned desk in front of you.

Jump over another trapped floorboard and continue onwards. The door directly ahead of you leads to an empty bathroom and gives you another glimpse at one of the school’s bullies but other than that there’s no way forward.

Instead turn the corner and approach a monkey toy at the end of the hall. As you reach it, the bullies will push a locker down. Be careful to avoid it as it falls and then use it as a platform to climb on top of the two lockers blocking the doorway.

Drop down and proceed through the next corridor. There’s another trap coming up but it’s harder to spot as it’s not the floorboard that necessarily looks loose.

It’s actually the one directly in front of the duck toy but you’ll need to set this one off as it causes a light to drop and you need this to climb onto the table. Just make sure to duck as soon as you step onto the floorboard so the light passes over your head rather than crashing into you. Drop down from the table and keep walking.

Towards the end of the next corridor a bully will push a locker on top of Mono and then a group of them will proceed to kidnap Six. By the time Mono frees himself, Six and the bullies are gone.

If you try and chase them the way they went you’ll just see them escape using a rope ladder that they proceed to pull away. Instead, climb over the locker and pick up the hammer.

 Sneak up on the bully by the door in front of you, use it to take him down from behind and proceed into the next room, still holding onto the hammer in case you need it.

The next room contains another bully but you can let their own traps do the work for you this time.

Sneak across the floor and as soon as you step on the loose floorboard, duck down and allow the swinging bucket hit the bully. I recommended you taking the hammer with you just in case the bully notices you as you approach because if he does, the chances of the trap hitting him decreases.

You’ll then come across a door with a hole in it and a chair propped against it. Climb up and through into the next area. Open the third locker in the line of six and you’ll find the chapter’s third glitch inside.

Pick it up and proceed through the corridor. You’ll pass a closed elevator that needs a key. You’ll need to get inside, but first, of course, you need to find the key.

Keep moving forward, past a cloakroom and into a classroom. It’s here that you’ll get your first real look at the teacher and at this point, she looks pretty normal. She’s teaching at the front of the class, but she will frequently turn around to write things on the board.

When she’s not looking you need to sneak across the room. Take it slowly and use the desks as cover because if she turns around and sees you, all the bullies will pounce on you. Once you cross the classroom, you’ll come to an open door.

Go inside and you’ll see the key on top of a bookcase. Climb up it and it will start to fall. At this point jump off and to the side to avoid being crushed. The bookcase falling will catch the teacher’s attention so be ready to hide in the box by the filing cabinets as she’ll come in to investigate.

When she can’t find you, she locks the door so you can’t go back that way. A small vent pops open though so after you pick up the key if you haven’t already, crawl through it.

You come out of a cupboard at the front of the class and the teacher is much closer and she’s moving about now, walking around to check that her students are behaving. Wait until she moves away and sneak to the first desk. Again, use the desks for cover as you make it back the way you came. I found that the best way was to go from the first desk to the back middle and then to the one closest to the door.

Once you’re out, make your way back to the elevator and use the key. The lift will open and take you to the next floor. Move into the next room and you’ll see a bully drawing on the floor with chalk.

He’s on a chain and there is a pipe beside him so the best thing to do is catch his attention and draw him towards any of the walls. He’ll run at you and the chain will stop him causing him to fall. Use the time he’s down to make a grab for the pipe. Hit him with the pipe and then use it to break open the door.

On the other side of the door, there’s some drawers to climb that lead to a vent system. Follow it through and you’ll end up in some ceiling rafters. Dropping down onto the beams will cause some bottles to smash and the teacher who is down below will investigate so quickly hide in the box.

When she’s gone, cross the beams. You’ll end up knocking another bottle but if she investigates, there’s another box to hide in.

When the coast is clear, climb the makeshift rope hanging above you to the level above and cross the beams. You’ll see a plank of wood that can be pushed to allow you to reach another vent. Do this quickly as the teacher will hear and come after you and this time there isn’t anywhere to hide.

Follow the vent system and you’ll reach a library. The teacher, who seems to move about very quickly, is prowling inside so you need to be quiet.

Drop down onto the bookcase below and then to the floor and you’ll see a moveable ladder. Push this forward to the next bookcase and climb it to find the chapter’s second and final hat.

Climb back down and push the ladder to the next bookcase. Climb up and jump down to the lower bookcase. Follow the path of the book cases, jumping from one to the other. As you land on the second bookcase, a stack of books will fall and catch her attention, so run until you reach a gap in the shelves that you can crawl through.

On the other side you’ll see two big towers of books. Jump up onto the first and climb up the books, shimmying your way around until you’re in position to jump to the next. As you latch onto the next tower, some more books will fall and she’ll start looking for you again.

She’s going to use her long neck to peek around the tower so you’re going to have to keep shimmying around to avoid her gaze. Eventually she’ll lose interest and leave the room. When she’s gone, jump across onto the bannister.

In the next area you’ll see some more bookcases and a box of books on the floor. You can see some scuff marks on the floor in front of the box, suggesting it’s been dragged around before. Pull the box across the room and to the door the teacher left through. Climb onto the box and open jump onto the handle to open the door.

You’ll enter a reception area which, if you proceed onwards, leads to a large staircase.

Straight across from where you entered is a locked door. You want to go through there, but first you’ll need to find the key. Climb the stairs and turn left and you’ll find the fourth glitch sitting between the bannisters.

Pick it up and then go back, turning right this time instead. At the end of the hall you’ll see a broken chess piece. A rook. Put it back together and climb onto it so you can jump to the handle and open the door.

Take the rook apart again and take the top piece with you as you’ll need it in the next room. Inside, you’ll see a large chess board with a student tied to one of the pieces.

This puzzle requires a number of steps to solve. First, in the far side of the room, straight ahead of where you entered, you’ll see a screen. Pull it so it goes up and you can see the diagram behind it. This tells you what you need to do with the chess board.

Basically you need to replicate what is on the diagram. By the diagram is a table with a queen piece on it. You’ll want to take the top off and take it over to the board. Leave it for now and pick up the rook piece you used earlier. Place it on the piece in front of the table by the knight. Climb up onto the table and retrieve the king piece from on top of it.

You now have all your pieces and just need to position them according to the diagram. The top of the queen goes onto the piece closest to the knight and the king goes on the piece closest to the student. The rook goes onto the piece next to the table with a bottle on it.

Once all the pieces are in place, the light above the table will turn on. Use the rook to climb on top of it and then jump up to hang off the light. This will cause the shelves at the back of the room to open revealing a lone chair. On this chair is the key needed to open the door below.

Pick it up and return to the door, open it and go through and find yourself in a room full of trash and plates. 

Go down the stairs and you’ll see a shut door, a trolley and a vent. First pull the trolley over to the vent. Push open the door it was blocking and you’ll enter a larder to find the remains of the chef. Above that is your fifth glitch. Use the body to climb up and grab it.

Leave the room, climb the trolley and crawl through the vent so you drop down into the kitchen. Opposite you are some shelves and as you approach them, you’ll see some bullies in the next section and a ladle on the floor.

Climb over and grab the ladle and use it to defend yourself against four bullies. The first can be taken by surprise and the others will come at you one at a time so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

The last bully’s head remains intact and you’re going to need to pick this up and wear it so you can infiltrate the next area.

Now wearing the bully’s head, crawl under the table and into the next area – a dining room. If you get too close to a bully they will shove you a little, but apart from that they’ll leave you alone now you’re in disguise. Walk through the room, avoiding bullies as you do until you reach the final table.

At the end where the two tables meet one another, you can duck down and crawl under the it. As you crawl, you’ll see one of the bullies on the table above you, pushing a pot.

Allow this to fall before you exit or it’ll end up crushing you.

Once you leave the dining room, you’ll find yourself in another corridor, this one full of more bullies. They won’t bother you so just keep going until you reach a warped door which you can slip through.

As you do so, Mono will fall and your mask will break, but it’s done it’s job. You’re now in a room lined with shelves. Opposite you is a closed door with a button to open it.

Mono is too small to reach it so you’re going to have to climb up the shelves. Once you reach the top you can climb onto a small, open cupboard and from there, jump onto the first cabinet. Across from you is a stack of books so climb up onto them and to the next cabinet. Propped up against the cabinet and light is a plank of wood. Cross this and jump at the drawers opposite you. Climb up and jump at the rope behind you and use it to swing across to the other side. Follow the path until you reach a jar with a brain in it.

Throw it down so the jar smashes and then make your way back down and you’ll see the glass has broken. Pick up the brain and throw it at the button to open the door.

The teacher is in the next area so you’re going to have to crawl through the vent so you’re under the worktop to avoid her.

She’s going to move around a little, so when she’s facing away from you, sneak across to the space under the drawers in the middle of the room. Eventually she’ll leave the room with the door open, so follow her through into the next room.

You need to climb up the drawers and onto the worktop, crouching down behind the glass jars to avoid being seen. When she has her back turned, make your way across the worktop. Don’t try to rush it because if she catches sight of you you’ll probably end up dead. Jump from the first worktop to the second and then through the window, making sure you hide behind jars whenever she’s looking.

In the next room, straight across from you is a bookcase.

Climb up it and through the vent above it. Follow the vent and push open the grate at the end and you’ll find yourself in another corridor full of lockers. On the floor in front of you is a hammer.

Pick it up and proceed onwards. In front of you is a bully drawing on the floor. This one can be taken out by setting off their trap by stepping on the second floorboard after the rug. Move out of the way so the trap hits the first bully but misses you. The rest can be taken down with the hammer. Keep going and turn round the corners. As you turn the corner and walk past a new set of lockers, two more bullies will jump out – one in front of and the other behind you – which you’ll need to hit with your hammer.

Turn around the next corner and you’ll see a bully hiding behind an overturned locker. Be on guard because as you approach another will jump out of the locker behind you.

The timing can be a little tricky as Mono is slow at swinging his weapon, but as a rule of thumb the bullies scream right before they’re about to pounce so swing at that moment and more often than not you’ll get a hit.

Once you’ve dealt with all the bullies, keep hold of your weapon and proceed through the open door at the end of the corridor. The fifth floorboard away from the door sets off another swinging trap so be ready to avoid it. Once you go through the door, you’ll find find yourself in a bathroom with two bullies suspending Six in the air with a rope tied to a wooden board. 

Use the hammer to take down the bullies then hit the board until it breaks. Six will fall, but she’s free so go and help her up. Now you’re reunited you can escape through the window, though it’ll take both of you to open it.

On the window ledge, you’ll see a large plank of wood which can be walked across to reach the next building.

Crawl through the window and you’ll find a room with a piano inside. The piano is attached to a rope mechanism and there’s a handle to the side of it. Turn it until the piano is suspended as far as it will go then allow it to drop. The piano will hit the floor hard enough splinter it. Now that it’s half stuck in the floorboards, the mechanism will no longer work so follow Six’s lead and climb up onto the piano. Walking across the piano keys a few times will earn you an achievement so do before climbing onto the top.

Jump a few times and the piano will crash through the rest of the way and you’ll end up in the room below. Inside the room is a locked door and a vent which Six will beckon you towards. Allow her to boost you through and you’ll see a bully stabbing what looks like a frog with a key. There’s a weapon behind her so jump down and Six will start making noise on the piano to distract the bully.

Sneak past, grab the weapon and hit the bully from behind. Grab the key and Six will help you lift up the metal gate so you can get back through.

Unlock the door and proceed into the next room. Inside you’ll hear the sound of piano music and see a bully drawing with chalk and a weapon lying on the ground. Sneak towards the bully and Six will deal with it.

You want to proceed forwards, but there’s a cupboard blocking your way. Pull out the drawer and use it to climb up and over. Proceed down the corridor and you’ll come to some stairs.

Climb them and you’ll reach a landing and the only way forward is by climbing up some cupboards and books. Six will give you an initial boost.

Once you reach the top, you’ll see two things – a wooden crate and a metal grate covering a vent.

Push the crate down so Six can use it to follow you up and then open the grate with her help. Crawl through and follow the vent system until you reach a music room which is, unfortunately occupied by the teacher who is playing piano.

You initially begin on a wooden shelf and you want to get to the opposite side where you can see a vent, but first you need to lower the metal beam to make a bridge.

To do this, jump down onto the cupboard below, making sure you’re only moving while she’s playing or she’ll hear you. At the far side of the room is the handle for a mechanism which will lower the metal beam to allow Six to cross. Make your way towards it and lower the beam.

Beside you is a box with wheels and you’re going to need to push it over to the cupboard you dropped down from before. Again, only do this while she’s playing. Use it to climb back onto the cupboard and up the way you came, using the books as a ladder so you can follow Six across. Opening the grate will catch her attention and she’ll chase you through the vents so crawl quickly, making sure to quickly push open the secondary grate.

At the end of the vent system, you’ll have to jump to another opening, but Six will be there to help you across.

Jump through the opening and you’ll slide down a rooftop and land in a dumpster. Climb out and walk forwards until you reach a series of wooden planks secured together to make a bridge to the other side of the city.

Cross them and keep going until you reach an open dumpster. Push it forward until the lid falls shut and then push it to the side until it’s as close to the next ledge as possible which is, admittedly, not very far. There’s a tv near the dumpster. Climb on it and use it to jump onto the dumpster then run and jump across to the ledge.

Climb up and then keep moving forward until you reach an alleyway blocked by rubble. On the ground you’ll see a paper boat and beside it is your last glitch of the chapter.

Pick it up and move onwards towards a broken wooden door. Duck through the door and you’ll enter a storage room. On the ground in front of you is a yellow raincoat which Six will pick up.

Once she’s wearing it she will beckon you towards the door and boost you up so you can reach the handle. Open the the door and enter what looks like a tailor’s shop.

There’s nothing to do here except climb through the window and proceed onwards. Keep going until you reach a metal gate which is blocking your path. Beside it is a dumpster with a tv on it.

Six will boost you up and you can use the tv to climb up onto the roof above. Drop down on the other side and push down the plank of wood which is covering a gap in the fence.

Once Six is through, climb up the dumpster up against the wall and open up the vent. Follow the vent system and you’ll end up outside a hospital. Crawling through the open window marks the beginning of chapter 3 of Little Nightmares II.

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