Spoiler warning: As you can probably guess, this article features heavy spoilers for chapter 1 of Little Nightmares II. 

Collectables in this chapter:

Hats: 2

Glitches: 4

Enemies: The Hunter

After dreaming of a corridor with a door at the end with a large eye engraved in it, Mono wakes up beside an old fashioned tv. From here, you’re going to want to keep walking until you reach a small drop. Jump across the gap and keep going until you reach what initally looks like a dead end. Beneath the tree trunk, you’ll see a metal grate of sorts which Mono can interact with.

Open it and crawl through. You’ll come to a clearing with some discarded shoes and a hanging bag of bodies. Walk past them and climb up the rock face, walk across the fallen tree trunk and jump off the end.

After climbing another couple of rock faces, you’ll come across the first trap – a trip wire.

Jump over it and keep going until you reach an upright crate. Push it off the small ledge and push it towards the larger ledge so you can use it to climb up and you’ll see another tunnel. Crawl through and be ready to run because as you exit it, a tree trunk will fall and start rolling after you and if you’re not quick enough, it’ll crush you.

Once it catches on another tree, you’re safe. Keep walking until you reach a small ledge. Jump down and you’ll see a rope hanging above you. At your side you should see another fallen tree trunk but this one is hollow so you can crawl through and bring you onto a higher ledge closer to the rope. 

 You should be able to jump and catch it now. Swing across and jump down and you’ll see a suspended crate and a handle to lower it. Use this to jump across the gap before the crate returns to its original place. Keep going until you reach a broken bridge.

It’s not a gap that can be jumped, but if you look down, you’ll see a ledge to drop down to. Drop down onto it and then onto the ground and approach the rest of the broken bridge. You’re going to want to climb it, but first there’s a tunnel a little further ahead. Crawl through it and you’ll reach a sort of cave in which you’ll find your first glitch. 

Collect it before going back and climbing up the bridge. Keep going and there will be another ledge to drop down from and another trap. This time it’s a net and slightly harder to see than the trip wire. You’ll need to throw a shoe at the trap to set it off because the trap mechanism means a log will lower as the net rises and you’ll need that to climb up onto the next ledge.

Walk a little bit and drop down onto the ground. There are more traps here – bear traps but they’re visible enough to avoid. Cross the clearing and climb over the small tree trunk and you’ll find another bear trap but this one has a branch sticking out of it.

Remove the stick and use it to hit the other trap which is blocking the tree trunk tunnel. Crawl through the tree trunk and you’ll start to slide down before landing by another branch. Before going further, crouch down and crawl under the tree trunk and you’ll find another small cave. Inside is a dead animal caught in a trap and the second Glitch in this chapter.

Go back the way you came and pick up the branch. Start hitting the ground in front of you as there are more bear traps. They’re hidden this time, but if you hit one, it will set off a chain reaction in which multiple traps go off. It should now be safe to climb onto the small rock in the middle of the clearing. Jump from the rock to the next section as there are more traps hidden beneath the leaves.

You’re now on a small ledge with pine cones. The next leafy area is again, littered with hidden traps so you’re going to want to throw the pine cones to set them off. Once your path is clear, make your way to the fallen tree trunk and jump from it to the makeshift ladder in front of you. Climb up it then jump down onto the clearing below. Cross the clearing and you’ll come to a house.

The front door won’t open so you’ll have to climb up onto the crate by the window and climb through. You’ll enter a kitchen. There’s not an awful lot to do in there, but you get an achievement for opening the fridge. Push open the door and enter the hallway.

The first open door you see is the one you want but ignore that for now and proceed through the house until you reach the second open door. This room is full of discarded clothes, boots and on the rug you’ll see a hat which you can pick up and equip from the hat menu.

There’s nothing else to do in this room, so go back to the door you saw earlier and go through. It leads to some stairs. You might have noticed music playing when you first entered and this gets louder as you descend the stairs.

You end up in a room with a sewing machine and two doors, one open and the other half broken. The half broken door is the one you want but you’ll need something to bash through the splintered panels. You might notice a hatchet embedded in a wooden box, but this breaks when you try to pull it out. Instead go through the open doorway and you’ll enter what looks like a workshop.

There’s a hatchet embedded in one of the boxes. Pull it out and return to the previous room and use the hatchet to hack your way through the closed door.

On the other side of the door is a girl with a music box – the source of the music you’ve been hearing. Fans of the series will recognise her as Six albeit without the raincoat. As you break open the door, she hides beneath a table.

As you attempts to approach her, but she runs away, so you have to play chase. Follow her up the stairs and you’ll find that she’s opened one of the previously shut doors – the room opposite  to the room in which you found the hat. Inside you’ll see a dead family sitting at the dinner table. Pay them no mind and follow the Six up the cabinet and through the vent. 

In the next room you’ll see a locked door and Six pulling at the rope that leads to the attic. She’s not strong enough to open it though so she’ll beckon you to help her.

Six will give you a boost to grab the rope then she’ll grab onto you. Your combined weight will be enough to open the attic door and pull down the ladder. Climb up into the attic and you’ll see a large suitcase in front of you. With Six’s help, push the suitcase in over to the cabinet so you can climb up and over. In the next part of the room you’ll see the key to the locked door downstairs hanging on a hook above you but the mechanism to lower it is missing its handle.

Six will then approach one of the cabinets and beckon you forward. Approach her and she’ll give you a boost over so you can go look for the key. Crouch under the shelves and crawl through and you’ll see a very dead looking person in a chair. In their hand is the lever so you’re going to have to tug it free. 

Once you have it, return to Six and put it in place. Then go and climb onto the hanging sack that looks suspiciously like a body bag. Climb up it and Six will use the mechanism to lift the sack. Once you’re level with the key, jump off at the hook. Mono won’t be able to hang on very long, but the force is enough to swing the hook and send the key flying off and onto the ground.

It’s at this point that the Nome’s attic DLC starts. If you have it you can find our guide here. If not, pick up the key and go back the way you came. Whereas you used the suitcase to climb over the drawers, on this side you don’t have that option so you’ll need to open the bottom drawer and climb up and over. Climb back down the ladder and use the key to open the door.

Now that you’re back outside, you’ll see a small, wooden outhouse. Six will give you a boost to the handle so that you can open it and you’ll find your third glitch inside.

Pick it up and then proceed to the open shed. It’s basically a room full of traps and crates but the biggest crate can be pushed towards the opposite wall so you can climb through the window. It’ll only go so far though so you’ll have to jump.

Climb through and you’ll find yourself in a room full of animal pelts and you’ll be able to hear the rather disturbing sound of the hunter skinning an animal. If you get too close or move too loudly he’ll spot you and hit you with his gun so sneak past him.

The bottom wooden panels at the end of the room can be pushed open with Six’s help so do that and you’ll stumble into a patch of leaves outside. This will have caused enough noise to attract the hunter’s attention though, so you better be ready to run.

As you run, there will be some crates scattered at even intervals. Hide behind each one as you come across as he’ll shoot at it and give you time to reach the next before he reloads.  You’ll come to a ledge which you can drop off and hide under the overhanging. Unable to see you, the Hunter will move ahead.

Once you leave your hiding place, you’ll see the Hunter searching for you. Luckily the grass is quite long and Mono and Six are small so if you crouch it’s easy to stay hidden as you cross the grassy clearing. Be mindful of the crows though – if you get close to one, they will startle and catch the hunter’s attention. If this happens, stay still and wait for him to lose interest.

Once you reach the end of the grass, you’ll see a hole in the ground. When he’s not looking make a run for it and drop down through the hole and into an underground tunnel. Make your way through it and you’ll come to a new clearing. Keep going until you reach a broken bridge with a bit of rope wrapped around a stick sticking out of the end.

What you need to do here is pull the stick to raise half of the bridge and Six will jump across. Call out to her (the game will tell you how) and she’ll move to the edge of the bridge and hold her hand out for you.

Run and jump across the gap and grab onto her hand the way you interact with objects and she’ll pull you up. Once you’ve crossed the gap keep walking and you’ll come across a pile of discarded animal cages and one suspended by a rope. 

The suspended cage has a hat inside so you’ll need to climb up the cages and jump across to the suspended cage. Climb on top of it and jump a few times so it falls and breaks.

Pick up the hat and keep moving until you reach a ledge just behind a wooden crate. You’ll see the hunter still looking for you but you’re going to need to push onwards all the same. Jump down onto the clearing below and you’ll startle a bird.

This will catch the hunter’s attention so be ready to run again, and like before, hide behind the crates you come across until you reach the wooden building.

Climb up the planks and stop behind the tv. Once the hunter shoots it, proceed until you reach the upper level of the building and cross the plank. It will break as you walk but Six will catch you.

Climb up and start to run, careful to avoid any holes in the flooring or the hunter’s shots as he shoots at you from below. Jump through the window and you’ll slide down a roof. You’ll fall into some swampy water, but you’ll be hidden from sight by a wooden pier. 

Follow it until you reach a section with a gap beneath it which is big enough for you to slip through if you crouch. As tempting as it might be to sneak, that should only be done when absolutely necessary as when you crouch you’ll be under water. Mono can only hold his breath for so long.

Once you reach the other side, you’ll see a set of tree stumps with a gap between them. The hunter is keeping an eye out so when he’s not looking, sneak out and when you’re about half way across, duck under the water to make it the rest of the way without being noticed.

 Keep going until you reach a small mass of land with an upright tree trunk with a heart engraved into it. Push it down so you can duck behind it to cross the next bit of swamp.

You’ll then come across some wooden planks that form a ladder. Climb up the ladder and make your way towards the ledge and drop down. There will be crows close by and again, approaching them will startle them. You’ll have to run, ducking behind boxes as you go until you reach a shed.

Get inside and Six will shut the door and slide the bolt across to slow him down. While she does that, climb up onto the crate and knock down the gun that is hanging on the wall. The hunter will be bashing at the door all the while so you need to be quick or he’ll catch you.

Once the gun is on the floor, help Six lift the gun and the pair of you will shoot the hunter. Safe for the time being, climb back onto the crate and through the window. Drop down onto a beachy area with half a door washed up in front of you. Push it into the water and then climb on and sail on to the next area.

Once you reach land, climb off the door and you’ll see the chapter’s final glitch by a tv. 

Pick it up and head towards the building. There is only one door you can head through and doing so will lead you into the second chapter of Little Nightmares II.

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